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A brief History of Grand Master Fong Lee

Coming from a small village near Goungzhou City, Master Fong was already married to the Chinese Martial Arts. He arrived in Sydney in 1958. His Training led him to experience small bouts of Karate while studying at University as well as Wing Chun were he experienced the beauty of Chinese Martial Arts. He studied Wing Chun in Sydneys Chinatown under the guidance of Shifu G.Tsoi after a few years he moved to studio with Shifu M. Chow who later retired from teaching. This is where Master Fong started teaching and maintains a selected group of students to this day.

In 1968 for the first time he came across Wushu in a Chinese Martial Arts Magazine this was enough to capture his attention that he keeps to this day. Master Fong is a very talented larger self taught Master. His Martial Arts library is difficult to rival as he has purchased most books and magazines as well as Videos and DVDs that he has come across. He has taught many revered masters in Australia and is highly respected in the international Chinese Martial Arts scene. There are many who respect and ask his advice.  

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