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Kerim Schaber






1/79 Edgeworth David Avenue

Wahroonga 2076



A Bit About Me

Kerim Schaber, a martial arts enthusiast, embarked on his journey in Germany at a young age, exploring various styles before delving into Chinese martial arts a quarter of a century ago. His Taijiquan odyssey began a decades ago and for the past eights years, he has honed his skills as a disciple under the guidance of Zhao YouBin. Beyond martial arts, Kerim has wielded his expertise as a retail manager in gourmet supermarkets and fine wine stores. Having owned restaurants and function centres, he has been at the helm of Kung Fu Tao Academy in Sydney, Australia for over 15 years, combining a passion for martial arts with a diverse entrepreneurial spirit. Under the careful eyes of Chinese wushu expert Fong Lee he continues to share his expertise and passion for martial arts, forming a close connection with Wushu and Kung Fu experts from China and other parts of the world.

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